Rod Neer | Contemporary art: main theme art with stars, in the style of constructive abstraction Impressum

STARS a touch of infinity
The fascination of constructive abstraction

For years I have not used the basic geometric shapes of geometric art: square, circle, triangle. For me, the 4th basic geometric shape is the star. Stars are formally fascinating. Transferring this fascination to canvas or paper is not an easy process, but very exciting. From a purely geometrical point of view, the five-pointed star is derived from the laws of geometry, starting with a circle, divided into 5 corner points, 72 degrees apart. This system is the basis of my work. Why the number five. Usually we speak of the four compass direction. The star points in five directions. The fifth direction is upwards, in a sensual quality. The star itself, because of its shape, gives a stable structure. On the one hand, these properties lead to a rigid system, which, however, by omitting, adding and reducing parts of the basic element results in a self-contained image composition. A visual ballet-like lightness.
I have my own ideas and so develop my own language of geometry.
The stars mutate into the altar of a consumerist society.

The magic of the stars lies over
all my works

Rod Neer | Originals, paintings with stars, constructive, geometric.

Stars: Sensual, elementary and intuitive

Linking the laws of geometry with art is exciting. With my art I use the sensual media of painting. My work is not a geometric copy, but has a life of its own. Aesthetic experience and a disciplined approach are the cornerstones of my art. The star is the elementary means of composition. The visible material aspect is very important. In addition to the geometric composition, the choice of color. Color is energy, balance, but also calm. In the case of the two-tone works, I am partly assuming a complementary field of tension. Like the color tone red / green, orange / green, blue / red. Experimental color arrangements in pastel tones or, in contrast, extreme color contrasts are even more interesting. Even the monochrome works in black and white radiate an incredible amount of energy. Shape / color in harmony with the feelings. The square is a central structural feature (in the vast majority of works). This clear symmetry and objectivity is decisive for my work.
The square placed across the corner is reminiscent of Piet Mondrian. At the same time, dynamization contrary to the existing statics is achieved. The symbolism of the square represents the four corner points. All in all, this constellation gives the composition even more expression.
Strength, character and an absolutely unique selling point. T
he stars are above everything - like a breath of infinity. Close to the universe and yet infinitely far away. So my stars are also a small glimmer of hope in an over-visualized world. A haven of peace for the eye and the soul.

Art - filling station and source of energy for everyone.
Rod Neer | Contemporary art: geometric works in acrylic on canvas. Star theme, multifaceted, creative.
Rod Neer | The latest works are characterized by abstract impulses. Rod Neer | The America series visualizes the American way of life.
In my very latest works I break down the geometrical forms, the symmetry.
The result flows into an abstract structure
The series America comprise
the American way of life